Dedication: Why The Name 1950Films

Many people often ask why I named my production company "1950Films." The answer is simple, yet complicated, Honoring Family.

Family Remembrances:

I grew up in Zionsville, Indiana in a large family of 7 kids. My parents divorced when I was young, and unfortunately my mother passed away from cancer when I was a teenager. I spent most of my life living with my dad, who was a prominent doctor in the area known affectionately as "Dr. Bob." My dad was my best friend and mentor, and he taught me many lessons through the years, not only about growing up but also about how to grow and manage a business since he owned and operated his own small medical office. Tragically, in 2006, he was killed by a drunk driver.

When my dad died, it felt like my whole world crashed around me. After taking some time off, I was able to return to Ball State University and graduate with a degree in Telecommunications in 2009.

After graduating college, I moved to Central Florida. Moving to central Florida was one the best decisions of my life. Here I was able to connect with many other videographers like myself, and use my experience with them to grow and learn even more. And I came to learn that I really did want to build my own business because I am highly skilled, highly motivated, and I truly want to help other small businesses like myself by offering them reasonable prices to promote and grow their companies.

And so, my production company was reborn, with a new name: 1950Films. 1950 was the year my father, and best friend, was born. I named my company in his honor because he was such an influential and respectable man, not only to me, but to my hometown community as a whole. I know his spirit stays with me and guides me, and this is one of the best ways to remind myself every day who I want to live up to, and who's values I carry with me in my business and daily life.