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Robert Brooksby CEO

Dyslexic. ADHD. Sociable. Driven. Passionate. Entrepreneur. Hi, I’m Robert Brooksby, and I am the CEO of 1950Films. I have been in the film industry since I graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunications, in 2009. I started 1950Films because I love making commercials, particularly for small businesses. I love telling people’s stories through film, especially if it helps elevate a struggling business. I am so excited for the journey ahead, and am blessed to have my beautiful wife by my side for every step, jump, and hurdle.

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Robert Brooksby


Samantha Brooksby Owner

My name is Samantha Brooksby, and I co-own 1950Films with my husband, Robert. In 2011, during my last year of pharmacy school in Indianapolis, I was introduced to Robert through a mutual friend, and I knew my life was forever changed. Now look where we are! Robert is the main day to day manager with 1950Films - he’s the businessman, the cinematographer, the brains, the dreamer; I help finalize plans, track meetings, and run our social media accounts. Together we make an amazing team, and I’m so excited to be a part of his entrepreneurial ambition.

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Samantha Brooksby 

Rehana Singh: Business Development Executive

Bringing what I see to the eyes of everyone around me is what I am passionate about. Sharing my visual experience onto social media or to those here in my hometown Ocoee, is what makes filming so much more exciting and exhilarating. My name is Rehana Singh and I am an employee of 1950Films. I assist on video productions, treatment write-ups, and work as a note taker at client meetings. Working for this company has opened my eyes to see the world around me in different sizes and colors and I hope that we here at 1950Films can do the same for you.

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Rehana Singh


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