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Hello, and welcome to the homepage of We are a boutique full service video production and digital marketing agency based out of Orlando Florida and Winter Garden, Florida. We have over 16 years of experience in the video production and digital marketing industries! 1950Films offers a variety of different services to small businesses, corporations and individual clients. 

1950Films specializes in a variety of cinematography work including: weddings, commercials for corporations and small businesses, promotional videos, how-to videos, business profiles, realty house walkthroughs, music videos, coverage of events and parties, video resumes, webisodes, documentaries, and so much more!

1950Films also offers a variety of digital marketing services including: CRM & Sales Pipeline, Snapshot Reports of your website and online marketing brand, Reputation Management Services, SEO, Digital Advertising Services, Website Creation, Review Management, Local Business Listing Services, and more! 

1950Films proud to offer Digital Marketing in Orlando Florida! If you are a small business or cooperation or an Individual client, 1950Films can help you with your marketing strategies and more!

The Client Process with 1950Films

As we have stated, 1950Films is a boutique full service video production company and a digital marketing company based out of Orlando, Florida. 

This is how the client process works when you are working with us: 1950Films will set up a free initial consultation to go over your digital marketing and video production wants needs and goals. 

Unfortunately we cannot not give a price over the phone for our services because without a meeting we do not know if we are a good fit for you and your company. We are not even sure we can help you until we have our initial consultation. 

At our initial consultation we will go over your digital marketing and video production needs, wants and goals. We will take detailed notes of your wants and the needs of your digital marketing goals and video production needs. Next we determine whether our two companies are a good fit to work together. If we can help you with your digital marketing and video production needs, we will set up another meeting with you, and at that second meeting we will go over our 3 marketing proposals for your company. After you approve one of the proposals, we can start on your digital marketing needs or your video production needs! 

Everything that 1950Films does for your company will be put in writing and approved by your company before we go on to the next phase of your marketing plans. 

For each digital marketing service or video production service there will be set goals and time frames for the different phases of your marketing campaign. We will complete these goals before moving on to the next phase, and your company will need to sign off on the completed steps before we continue to the next phases of your marketing plan!

No matter what the project entails, we are here for you! If you are looking for a professional, affordable video production and marketing company, 1950Films is the company for you! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us at 407-807-9220. You can also email the CEO of 1950Films directly at

On behalf of 1950Films, we are looking forward to handling your video production and digital marketing needs!


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